The Woman in a Cage (Lunastettava Neito), written and directed by Vilma Talvitie, is a performance that explores the interface between music and dance. Inspired from a European historical ballad about a captive maid, it tells the story of a woman who feels trapped in her position and the narrow roles set for her by society, and who leaves her community in search for freedom.

The performance is inspired by Finnish mythology and brings up active female characters, such as Tuonen Tytti (Death´s maid), and Annikkainen (a woman who rebels against her lover), along side the main character Lunastettava Neito.

The music of the performance is a dialogue between Nordic folk singing styles and the Finnish singer-songwriter style. Complementing the music, different dancing elements are borrowed from body percussions and folk dances, with a touc of Indian Rajasthani dance moves.

The premiere was performed at the Black Box concert hall of the Helsinki Music Center, in 2018, as part of Vilma Talvitie´s music Master degree at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The Woman in a Cage - performance has been financially supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (2020). 

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